Why buy from ‘Box Pushers’?

We know that there is much talk in the industry about the supply of mount films and in particular wide format thermal laminating films. If you want to buy from experts and avoid ‘box pushers’, then GG Supplies will meet your needs.

As one of the most experienced laminating and encapsulating film suppliers in the UK market, our team knows it’s stuff when it comes to laminating films. Not to mention that you need to buy film at the length and width that you need, not the length and width we want to supply because that’s what we have bought!

We understand that there is little point in you buying cheap film and then wasting material on your job because your film was not the right width. That’s why, at GG Supplies, we buy master rolls and everything is slit to your size requirements on site.

By the way, we can always supply you as we hold massive stocks of film and have state of the art converting machines to run up to 200 rolls per day so you never need worry on turnarounds. Want to find out more? Please call us on 023 92221133 or email us at filmproduction@ggsupplies.com.


Back to School

If you are looking for the best range of encapsulating machines for schools, colleges and universities, GG Supplies can now offer the complete range of GMP machines. Within the wide range of laminating machines now available from us, there will certainly be something that will match your school or college requirements, however, large or small.

As our entry level products, the Imagecare range provides a cost effective, high performance option which will deliver a reliable, high quality finish. However, if you need speed as well as quality and a range of applications, then the Excelam range is right up your street. Designed for small copy shops and print rooms, the Excelam laminating machines will give speed and performance day in and day out. For more information or just a friendly chat about your requirements, please call our team on 023 92 221133.

Special Prices on Mount Film (August)

This month we have some super special prices on our Mount Film. We have pre-slit rolls of 1040mm x 100m for just £100/roll (ex vat and delivery) and 1300mm x 100m for £115.00 (ex vat and delivery).

In addition, we have extended our widths for Thermal Laminating Films and can now offer you rolls of 800mm, 1040mm and 1370mm as standard (as well as our bespoke sizes of course).

If you produce or supply to exhibition companies, our prices on Thermal Exhibition laminating films (crystals and Stoplight) are possibly the most competitive you will find in the UK right now.  Give us a call for a quote on 023 92 221133 or email us at filmproduction@ggsupplies.com.

Improved pricing on GMP machines from GG Supplies

This is what we all like to hear. Lower prices on laminating machines are now available from GMP and we will be passing this saving on to our machine customers. So, if you are looking for an encapsulating or laminating machine that will get the job done for you day in and day out at a very competitive price, we will have one to fit the bill.

Whether you are a copy shop needing to provide cost effective encapsulation for a range of different sheet sizes or a school needing a machine to encapsulate posters and covers then the Imagecare range will have the right machine for you.

If you are a professional print finishing house, then perhaps our 2.2m large format Graphicmaster laminator series will fit the bill. With a 2.22m wide hot laminating machine within the range, the Graphicmaster offers complete convenience and value to users within the large format graphics market.

For details of the complete GMP range of encapsulating and laminating machines now available from GG Supplies, please email your requirements to filmproduction@ggsupplies.com and we will match you up with your perfect machine solution.